Hello, Dark Country fans!

Today we are recapping the previous month of our project β€” October! These 4 weeks have been full of updates & news. The list is long, but worth it – we worked really hard to improve the game & community! Read further to know all our recent updates & stay tuned:

Earn Today

We entered this month with an extensive article about Play2Earn possibilities in the Dark Country now. 

Play The Pros Return

Finally! Play the Pros have returned in October! Thus, there are more activities which bring our users NFTs & pleasure

Welcome Bonus Explained

A month ago we launched Welcome Bonus, so that all newbies of our community receive NFT-prizes for their debuts in the game.

Exit Limbo Raffle 

This October we participated in a huge NFT-raffle, organised by Collect.social & Exit.Limbo. 150+ Standard Packs were raffled among random participants, so see who won!

Game Update

In October 2021, we published two game updates:

0.1.20 – with deck-builder updates, new Vampire cards & bug fixes!

0.1.21 – with changes & improvements in Players` Rating, Piasa card balance & new Vampire, Standard cards added!

Nova Rally Token

In October Nova Rally had an update, thanks to which our Landlords are now receiving 100% of Nova Rally BOOST token. Later, these tokens can be used to create NFTs in Nova Rally & trading on the market!

SDM Utility Explained

We published an article to answer all the questions about SDM we received in the chats so often. Lands Gameplay is coming really soon, so make sure you are familiar with our tokenomics!

Tourn Stage 2 Finished

The Big Tournament by Dark Country is continuing! Stage 2 – Prefinals – is finished. Prizes are sent out, so read the article below & stay tuned!

In-game Rating Launch

This month we have launched in-game ratings for random games! This means that now all won games are rewarded with points & once a week/month added up. We give NFT-prizes for rating scores. It’s time for you to read details, enter the game & get NFTs!

Lands Gameplay Preview

This one really surprised our players & fans! We published Official Lands Gameplay Preview, 10-minutes long & including all future gameplay features – Quests, Staking, Inventory management etc. Read the details & see the video-demo below:

Lands Beta Playtest Announce

Dark Country Lands Beta Playtest will be open soon! To gather participants we created a Google form, where you input all info & then wait for instructions on entering the beautiful Universe of Dark Country!

Halloween Cosplay Ideas

This month we tried to prepare our Twitter, Instagram & Facebook followers for Halloween! We compiled a few posts with cosplay-ideas, based on DC cards. See the series of this posts in any media you like:



Top-sales on Topexpo

October 2021 finished with two top-sales of Dark Country NFTs on nfttopexpo.io. See the post about it on social media, celebrate with us!

October is over and the Dark Country project is growing better! We are getting closer & closer to the Lands Gameplay. 

Stay tuned & evolve with Dark Country NFT-trading card game!

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Download the game and Play!

Thank you for checking out what we’ve been working on, we look forward to seeing you battling out in the Dark Country soon! We hope you are enjoying the game.

Dark Country Team πŸ§›β€β™‚️