The Soul Card is a powerful asset that allows you to transform it into any NFT of your choice. This guide will walk you through acquiring, staking, and transforming your Soul Card to maximize its benefits.

Acquiring the Soul Card

The Soul Card can be obtained through the market. Check its availability and pricing on the market via the link.

Staking the Soul Card

Once you’ve acquired the Soul Card, you must stake it to unlock its transformative abilities:

  • Navigate to the Staking section of Lands website and choose the Soul Card from the drop-down list.
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Card Transformation

After staking the Soul Card, click on “Remove assets” and choose the type of card and the card itself from the available selection to transform it into. This will replace your existing Soul Card with the chosen one.

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Cooldown Period

Please note that you can use the card transformation feature once every 30 days. This means that after making a card change, you must wait for 30 days before you can perform another transformation.


After the 30-day cooldown period is over, you can unstake immediately or change to transform to another card.

Let the transformation adventure begin!

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