Spirit is an entity that makes your card special, once it starts to be used or reaches a specific goal.

Spirit slots

When a card drops from the pack, it has a chance to get slots for putting Spirits in them. The number of slots varies from 0 to 3. Some unique cards will have 4 slots, but such cards will not appear in packs.

Any card, from Common to Mythical, can have a slot. The drop chance is determined as follows:

Spirit details

There are 2 types of Spirits: Stat tracking and Quest.

Stat tracking Spirits

Designed to keep count of various statistics like damage dealt, number of destroyed cards, total victories and so on.

There will be 3 stat tracking Spirits at start:

  • Fox — tracks number of victories, card participated in
  • Wolf — tracks all damage card dealt
  • Snake — track a number of all cards killed

For example, you used the Fox Spirit for one of the cards. From this moment, every victory in which this card participated will be recorded in its memory. The card memory data can be seen both in the game and in the blockchain.

Quest Spirit — an Eagle

Spirit with unique to every card quest. Upon completion, the card visual gets upgraded. For legendary and mythical cards only. Once the quest is completed — your Legendary or Mythical card gets an animation.

There will be more Spirit types in the future.

How to use Spirits

When you’ve got a Spirit, you can put it on the free slot of your card. There will be a special location where you can perform it.

Note: Once gems are inside, they can not be pulled out.

Stat tracking Spirits can be placed on the card in any quantity within the free slots. Quest spirit can be placed only one on the Legendary or Mythical map.

Once all your slots have been occupied, your card will get a unique frame.

Using Spirits immediately makes your card unique not only visually, but also by the context. Accumulating the memory of the card, it becomes more valuable after each battle played.

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