Dark Country is an American Gothic NFT Trading Card Game set in a somber Wild West setting with rangers, cowboys, haunted indians, zombies, ghosts and demons built within card client and land layer.

The game idea & mechanics were inspired by classic CCGs like Magic: the Gathering and HearthStone. Today we mix and reinvent the core features of the genre’s icons to bring the best gameplay experiences to the world of NFT & crypto gaming.

Dark Country is a unique project. It is built on a multichain framework to provide players with a maximum liquidity of their owned assets. Over this time we’ve created and launched a playable Alpha-version of the game, developed a community of dedicated gamers and asset-owners and launched first tournaments with cash prize pools. We continuously develop and implement new game modes, assets and mechanics. 

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  • 1st Multichain TCG – a framework to support several blockchains;
  • Top-notch art – over 300 of beautiful cards worth a stand-alone gallery;
  • The game is live – alpha version launched in September 2020;
  • Active community – Over 50 000 PvP rounds played already;
  • Over 500 000 NFTs distributed already – on WAX (AtomicHub marketplace) and Flow (TopExpo, Viv3, Bloctobay).



The year of 2021 is a cornerstone period for the Dark Country game. We have launched:

  • DC Genesis Land Sale on FLOW: 1st multichain lands offering on the market! 
  • Regular esports tournaments
  • Second Dark Country Land Sale on WAX blockchain 


  • Dark Country Beta 3D-version 
  • Blockchain expansion;
  • Major partnerships;
  • Mobile version release.

Download & Play

We welcome all the gamers, crypto fans, NFT-collectors and opinion leaders to try the game, feel the power of our astonishing artwork and enjoy the Dark Country Universe!