The Dark Country land is inhabited by different modalities. From ancient times it was a native land of Indians. But these tribes were constantly infringed for years: from one side the young country of Resolute Rangers, from the other side by Cunning Crusaders from neighboring lands.

There is almost nobody of original tribes left. Instead of them, there are two undead armies aroused by the Indians chief using ancient magic — Ancestral Guard and Destructive Horde.

All these non-friendly surroundings are complemented by the Neutral creatures including the Natives, animals, beasts and other different critters living on the Dark Country lands.

Ancestral Guard

The Ancestral Guard includes both tribal warriors and the mythical creatures that they once hunted.

With a deep connection to nature, they are able to manipulate the elements to gain the upper hand, as well as being adept at close combat.

Resolute Rangers

A combination of cowboys, doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and lawmen, the Resolute Rangers are adept at planning.

They are well balanced all kinds of physical combat, including siege and close combat. They have no magical abilities, but do have adept doctors to help heal.

Cunning Crusaders

The Cunning Crusaders are a loose alliance of opportunistic criminals who saw a chance of gaining from the catastrophe of the risen undead.

With all of the artifacts and creatures that are now known to be there, the group has a lot off which they can make their fortune. They are stronger in the shadows, and they are adept at fighting alone or when put into a tight corner.

Destructive Horde

The Destructive Horde is a mix of undead and unforgotten evils that tribes had subdued centuries ago.

Now free, they have a mix of unholy magics and forgotten fighting tactics that are difficult to combat. Their inhuman strength is countered by how susceptible they are to natural magic.


A mix of The Natives, animals, beasts and other different critters and spirits living on the Dark Country lands for centuries. They have long learned to live in harmony but now they are divided and each of them joined different groups of invaders…

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