Hola, Amigos!

Today we’re introducing the long-waited rating games system with a monthly Prize Pool of 450+ Standard packs. We will also count all-time and Monthly ranks.

*The games that count in the rating are only the Random games. 

The point system works this way: you get 20-25 (randomly) points for a victory and lose 10-15 points with a defeat. Points can’t go below zero.

The Reward system

Weekly RatingMonthly Rating
Top110 Standard packs50 Standard packs
Top 34 Standard packs10 Standard packs
Top 102 Standard packs5 Standard packs
Top 301 Standard pack3 Standard pack
Top 1001 Standard pack

The All-time Rating reward system will be introduced later. Stay tuned in our social media to know first!

The rating week starts on Sunday. The rating month starts every 1st day of the month. October results will be counted from the 20th of October till the 31st of October (2 weeks like and 1 month).

So, test your decks and good luck!

Let’s see who’s going to be on top this month!

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Download the game and Play!

Thank you for checking out what we’ve been working on, we look forward to seeing you battling out in the Dark Country soon! We hope you are enjoying the game.

Dark Country Team 🧛‍♂️