Vampire Cards Collection: Flow Blockchain Exclusives

Greet the Vampires of Dark Country!

We’ve created a set of 50 unique vampire cards that were exclusively offered within the Land Sale packs for the FLOW users only. A new set of cards consists of:

  • 50 new unique cards
  • 50 000 hard caps for NFTs

Special Cards` Mechanics

Vampires introduce a new card mechanic — Bloodsteal: is an ability that causes damage dealt by a card to also restore that much Health to the controlling player’s hero. This includes both damages from attacks, abilities and effects from what has Bloodsteal.

With Vampires your hero can live much longer…

Vampires Cards, Story & Rarities Chart:

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The citizens of the Dark Country were becoming accustomed to their chaotic but predictable lives of battling, dying, and always being resurrected to battle again another day. The Ancestral Guard, the Resolute Rangers, the Cunning Crusaders, the Destructive Horde and the Cultists were all on the verge of reaching some twisted form of relative harmony in their shadowy existence, but everything was about to change. Nothing comes from nothing and darkness always begets darkness; perhaps no one understands these truths as well as the citizens of the Dark Country. Still, when power even more frightening from the depths of the forgotten ancient world revealed itself, they never saw it coming. People began disappearing suddenly after midnight and screams of terror upset the stillness of every night. It was not until the shadiest corners of the streets were stained with blood and their ghastly work was well underway that the Vampires made themselves known.

It was a hot and sticky moonless night of summer, and the bartender was polishing his glasses. It was nearly closing time, and the only patron who remained was the drunken fool in the corner, stammering and blathering mindlessly as if anyone was listening. The cacophony of grasshoppers and locusts outside was so loud that the bartender had to shout over it to get the attention of the drunkard. “Maynard! Get on now! Time fer closin’ up!” The drunk ignored the bartender. Suddenly the locusts and grasshoppers stopped all at once as if ordered to silence by the conductor of some nightmarish symphony. Maynard looked at the bartender with confusion, then both men were startled by the front door as it swung open with a deafening creak. Standing in the open doorway was a beautiful woman with flame-red hair.

She was impeccably dressed and her pale face wore a smirk of arrogance. The bartender stifled a shiver from his core as the woman slowly took in her surroundings. The street lamp directly outside should have been casting a long shadow of the woman directly onto the floor in front of him. He’d seen it a thousand times, but this time there was no shadow.
She strode into the room as gracefully as any woman he’d ever seen, more like gliding than walking. Approaching the bar, she turned her head slightly to look at Maynard the drunk, who was unable to stifle his own shiver. Instead, he reached for his poncho, wrapping it around his body like a child hiding beneath its covers in the throes of a bad dream. Finally, the woman reached the bar, where she leaned in close to the wide-eyed bartender. She looked at him like a hungry cat addressing its prey, then licked her scarlet lips and introduced herself as Carmilla. “One glass of red wine for me, darling,” she said in a voice deep and rich with secrets. The bartender completely forgot that it was closing time, and not long after that, Carmilla’s friends arrived.

Be on the lookout for mysterious new evils and strange creatures of darkness when you take to the battlefields: Succubi, Ghosts, Gargoyles, and other nightmare spawn. Help to fight off bloodthirsty Vampire and beasts from the depths of beyond. Or don`t — we can`t tell you what to do…

See the Cards Rarities & Details in the Google Sheet here.

Name Race Type Text Attack Health Cost Rarity Creature type
Anton the Impaler Neutral Creature Deploy: Deal one damage to all enemy creatures. Add it to Your hero`s health 2 8 8 Epic Vampire
Armor of Gorta Neutral Item Fortify. Bloodsteal.
Wielder’s Bloodsteal also works when defending
3 Common
Band of Mirgoth Neutral Item Whenever another Creature dies: gain +0/+3 2 Common
Blade of Graves Neutral Item Add: +4/+0 2 Common
Bloodfang Neutral Item Add: +2/+2
Deploy: Wielder gains Bloodsteal until the end of this turn
2 Rare
Blood Flask Neutral Spell Heal target friendly Vampire fully 2 Common
Blood Hornet Neutral Creature Frenzy
LW: Heal target Vampire fully
2 1 4 Rare
Bloodmoon Stomp Neutral Spell Target friendly Creature fights target enemy Creature 2 Rare
Bony Balladeer Destructive Horde Creature Whenever you gain health, enemy Hero loses 2 health 3 3 4 Rare Undead
Brawl Neutral Spell Give all creatures +2/+2. End Your turn 2 Epic
Cold Embrace Neutral Spell Give friendly creature LW: draw a random vampire 0 Common
Craven Visage Neutral Item Bloodsteal
Wielders Bloodsteal damages enemy Hero instead of healing Yours
4 Legendary
Crippling Curse Neutral Spell Deal 8 damage to target Creature, heal Your heroe’s health equal to the damage dealt 6 Epic
Demonic Taylor Neutral Creature Guardian
Damage prevented by Guardian on this Creature is dealt to all enemies
4 4 5 Legendary
Deranger Neutral Creature Friendly Ghosts have Bloodsteal 3 6 6 Mythical Ghost
Doomlock Neutral Creature Bloodsteal
Deploy: Set target Creature’s attack to 1
1 4 6 Rare Native
Dusk Harlot Cunning Crusaders Creature When you play Charon’s Obol; gain Bloodsteal until end of Your turn 1 4 2 Rare
Eternal Heir Neutral Creature Whenever this Creature takes damage, if it is not destroyed: heal this Creature fully 1 5 4 Epic Vampire
Gorgon Cowgirl Neutral Creature Return target Creature, then increase its cost to play by 2 1 2 3 Rare
Hell’s Angel Destructive Horde Creature Deploy: Deal 2 damage to enemy Hero, then your Hero gains that much health. 4 3 4 Epic
Jagblade Neutral Item Whenever wielder kills a Creature: Summon a Vampiric Henchman 1 Common
Kyrinne Grim Neutral Creature Guardian. LW: Deal 8 damage to random enemy creature 8 8 8 Legendary Vampire
Lunatic’s Blade Neutral Item Frenzy 1 Rare
Lupo Razorclaw Neutral Creature Onslought. Bloodsteal 4 7 7 Legendary Vampire
Mindgrab Neutral Spell Put a copy of a target creature to Your hand. Mute initial target 4 Legendary
Night Mistress Carmilla Neutral Creature Double the health gained from Bloodsteal 2 5 5 Mythical Vampire
Nightwing Neutral Creature Deploy: Set target Creature’s health equal to the number of Vampires in play 2 2 3 Rare Vampire
Rabid Wrangler Neutral Creature Guardian. Bloodsteal. 3 6 6 Epic Vampire
Reckoning Grim Ancestral Guard Creature Whenever this Creature takes damage; deal 2 damage to random enemy 5 7 7 Rare Ghost
Rock Sentinel Neutral Creature Guardian. Fortify. 3 5 5 Common
Shadowstalker Ancestral Guard Creature Whenever another friendly Ghost is killed; Draw a card 2 4 3 Rare Ghost
Shona Wraith Neutral Creature When this Creature kills another Creature; draw a card 3 3 4 Rare Cultist
Sinder Pendant Neutral Item Bloodsteal 2 Common
Slayer Resolute Rangers Creature Has +2/+0 If any vampire is in play 3 4 3 Common
Slithering Pit Neutral Spell Set creatures health to 1 2 Rare
Soul Dealer Neutral Creature At the end of Your turn deal 3 damage to both heroes 4 6 5 Epic
Soul Warden Neutral Creature LW: Give target Creature Bloodsteal 3 3 3 Common Vampire
The Patient One Neutral Creature Guardian. Bloodsteal. LW: Deal 4 damage to random enemy Creature 1 6 5 Common Vampire
Thirsty Sleeper Neutral Creature Bloodsteal 3 2 3 Common Vampire
Trio Infernum Neutral Creature Fortify. Bloodsteal.
Bloodsteal on this Creature also works when it deals damage as a defender
5 5 6 Legendary
Vampiric Henchman Neutral Creature Stealth. Bloodsteal. 1 4 3 Rare Vampire
Vile centipede Neutral Creature Frenzy 4 3 3 Common Beast
Wasteaway Neutral Spell Root (1) target creature, then deal 3 damage to it 2 Epic
Werebat Neutral Creature Frenzy. Bloodsteal. 3 5 6 Common Beast
Blastmaster Cunning Crusaders Creature LW: Deal 1 damage to all creatures 2 2 2 Common
Blistering Witch Neutral Creature This creature loses 1 health at the end of every players turn 5 10 5 Common
Departed Shaman Neutral Creature LW: Give target Creature +2/+1 1 3 2 Common Vampire
Essence Mender Neutral Creature When this Creature deals damage after attacking: Create a Blood Flask 1 4 3 Common Ghost
Light Wielder Resolute Rangers Creature Deploy: If there is an enemy Vampire is in play, gain +0/+2 4 3 3 Common
Mistrider Neutral Creature Bloodsteal 6 4 5 Common Vampire

Note: All cards stats (Attack, Health, Cost) are not final and will be updated during the balance test.

We hope you enjoyed the story of Dark Country Vampires and the cards themselves!