Keywords are used in-game mechanics of Dark Country. Keywords give different status effects to cards. Keywords can be changed, added, or removed from various cards.

See the full list of keywords* you may not have known before discovering Dark Country:

*The list can be changed and extended as the new cards appear.




Fortify Enemies must attack and destroy creatures with Fortify before creatures without it.
Stealth Creatures with Stealth can’t be targeted by other creatures or target spells.
Root Rooted creatures skip their next attack
Onslaught After creature is attacked and killed, all extra damage dealt is inflicted to enemy hero.
Spell immunity Creature with spell immunity can’t be targeted by spells. Can still be damaged by AOE spells.
Guardian Guardian absorbs first attack on creature, after that it is destroyed.
Mute Muting a creature destroys it’s items, stat modifiers and keywords.
Deploy When cards with deploy are played bonus effect is triggered.
Last Word When creatures with Last Word die, bonus effect is triggered.
Frenzy Creatures with Frenzy can attack right after they are played.
Inspire When card with Inspire is played, totem is created on the table. If totem is already in play it upgrades by one level.
Call Summons a creature.
Fatal Strike Any creature damaged by Fatal Strike is destroyed.
Bloodsteal An ability that causes damage dealt by a card to also restore that much Health to the controlling player’s hero. This includes both damages from attacks, abilities and effects from what has Bloodsteal.

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