All Dark Country NFTs now can be purchased for SDM through the Top Expo market. Whether you are a seasoned trader or a newcomer to the Top Expo marketplace, this guide will help you easily navigate the process of listing and selling your Dark Country items for SDM.

Step 1: Log in and Sign Transaction

First, ensure you have a WAX or an Anchor wallet set up. Once you have your wallet ready, log into the Top Expo platform using your WAX Cloud Wallet or Anchor credentials.

Step 2: Access “My Inventory” and Choose an Item to Sell

Here, you will see a list of your Dark Country assets. Choose the specific Dark Country NFT you wish to sell by clicking on it.

Step 3: Set the SDM Price

Once you’ve selected the item you want to sell, it’s time to set the price for it in SDM. Remember that there is a 5% platform fee on each transaction, so be sure to include this in your pricing strategy.

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Step 4: Confirm the Deal

Now with all set, review the details of your listing and ensure everything is correct and proceed to confirm the transaction.

When your Dark Country NFT is listed for sale on the SDM Market, you can easily track the status of your listing by visiting the “Sold” section in your account. Here, you will be able to monitor any changes in the item’s status, such as if it’s sold or if there are any pending offers.

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