Howdy, Dark Country fans!

Today we would like to introduce you to our new game update: Alpha 0.1.21 Version. Get ready for changes & improvements in Players` Rating & cards!

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Players Rating upgraded!

The rating is various now – by weeks, months and all-time. Rating is counted as follows: +20/25 points for a won game & -10/-15 for a lost game. The rating cannot fall below zero. The weekly rating is canceled every Sunday. Monthly – at the end of the month.

*Rating works for RANDOM games only. We need few days for testing the rating`s mechanics. Starting next week we will give out prizes for places in the rankings. Details soon!

New Cards added!

The cards added are: Anthon the Impaler, Doomlock, Reckoning Grim from Vampire Collection & Rusty Gun from Standard Cards Collection. See them below:

Piasa Card Mechanics changed – no more infinite combos!

Piasa Card is now updated and duplicates the cards at the end of the turn.

+We have updated the welcome screen. Hurry up to see it first!

Enjoy the update yourself!

Download & Play


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