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Lately, we have been receiving a lot of questions from you about Dark Country`s future. That is why we decided to start collecting them & ask our Game Creator Danny Gothic to answer the questions. He chooses the best ones from you and gives replies to them.

See the first AMA session:

For the previous two weeks, we have collected more questions. Read the answers in the file here or below:

Q: In the Lands Gameplay Mechanics Sneak Peek-article it is mentioned that quests would have minimum SDM rewards according to rarity. Is that still the plan? 

A: Yes, we will keep minimum SDM rewards for quests. Currently we are observing how the game economy works and adjust it accordingly. 

Q: Will you sell T-shirts and hats? 

A: We plan to sell merchandise for SDM: T-shirts, hats. physical copies of the game. 

Q: Hi! Do you plan to make “”emotion”” in the game? Thanks! Have a good day!

A: We have emotions in plan, as well as custom emojis that players can unlock, but currently this is not a priority.

Q: Are you planning to create a meta universe?

A: Depends on what You mean by that. Right now Land gameplay and card game gameplay are different games in the same game world and we plan to extend that.

Q: Any chance we could see an atomic hub banner ad when play to earn launches?

A: We are preparing a comprehensive marketing campaign to support the launch of the game on mainnets.

Q: Do you think Dark Country can reach 10,000 weekly active players?

A: Our goal is higher numbers.

Q: If we have a bunch of duplicate cards, will they be useful for something?

A: Of course! More cards – more quests. Also, You will be able to lend Your cards to other players, who need them

That’s it for now! If you want to know more – fill in this form with your questions, and we will answer them in the next iteration!

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