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Lately, we have been receiving a lot of questions from you about Dark Country`s future. That is why we decided to collect them & ask our Game Creator Danny Gothic to answer the questions. He chose the best ones from you and gave replies to them in the file below.

Read further to stay tuned with the latest news on the Dark Country project:

Q: Will SDM be able to be sold on an exchange? If SDM will be listed on a big exchange like Bittrex, Binance or Kucoin? Or only Alcor?

A: SDM will be transferable, so surely it will come to exchanges. We will work to make it listed on bigger exchanges!

Q: How many developers work on the Dark Country project? 

A: Currently the Dark Country development team includes three Unity developers, two server developers, VFX artists, two blockchain developers and we are still hiring. 

Q: With the huge success of the land sale, what do you plan to use the funds for?

A: Funds made on land sales go towards further development of the game. 

Q: What are some of your marketing plans to get more users after a full game launch?

A: We significantly extended our marketing and community management team over the last few months and we are preparing activities to support the launch of the land gameplay. 

Q: What is the function of Virgin cards?

A: Virgin cards will have their in-game functions which will be revealed later.

Q: Do you have any plans for a big marketing campaign after lands are officially launched?

A: Yes, we are currently preparing our marketing campaign.

Q: Will it be possible to transfer cards/packs (for example from Play the pros) from Wax to Flow?

A: Bridge between blockchains is possible, but right now we are not sure when it will be possible.

Q: Will you one day make a sale on Binance?

A: We are not limited to only two blockchains. Sale on Binance or other blockchains is very possible.

Q: Is there a resource I can use visually to see what cards there are and powers and how those powers might be used in battle. 

A: There are strategy and deck-building videos made by our community. Please check here.

Q: Are there any future plans to make Dark Country web-browser or mobile-app friendly?

A: We are looking towards making a mobile version of the game.

Q: When are we going to need to own the cards to be able to play them in the game?

A: Once we feel that the game is stable and balanced we will limit players to play only with the cards that they own, or free cards that will be included.

Q: Will lending of cards be available in the game, assuming we are going to need the cards to be able to play them?

A: Yes, players will be allowed to lend their cards and lands as well.

Q: When will the new card set come? Will SDM be used to purchase card packs in the future?

A: Most likely a new card set will come in the first half of 2022. It would be possible for players to buy in-game items with SDM.

Q: On which blockchain will your token be issued?

A: On every blockchain where we are present.

Q: Will the game be divided between WAX and FLOW parts (i.e. WAX lands will be accessible only for players that set their access as WAX) or all lands will be accessible within the game?

A: Our goal is to connect different blockchains into the same world.

Q: Will there be a bridge between Wax and Flow?

A: Very possible, no actual terms yet.

Q: Will there be more pack sales?

A: Of course! We will keep making fun and beautiful cards and add them to the game.

Q: Will you hold an IDO (initial DEX offering)? 

A: We will when the time comes. 

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