Hi, Dark Country folks!

Today we’re here to cast some light on the upcoming Dark Country play 2 earn Lands-based gameplay and share some details on how it will work.

Nota bene: this article provides the general overview on Lands-based gameplay mechanics in Dark Country and all the numbers, activities, etc. are subject to testing and change until the official release and possibly – afterward too.

So, let’s first have a short recap on what the Lands of Dark Country are and then go deeper into details of gameplay mechanics.

What are the Dark Country Lands?

The Dark country lands are the ultimate game assets that players can own in the Dark Country universe. Landowners compete with each other for influence by creating game activities and rewarding players with game tokens for participating in them.

Shadow Dime – the Dark Country token

Shadow dime (SDM) is Dark Country’s main currency. It is used to reward players and landlords for their activities. Players can use it to purchase game assets and trade them on exchanges.

Supply and distribution:

Total supply is 100 000 000 000 (100 BLN) SDM per blockchain. 0,0001 of what is left in the play-to-earn pool is distributed daily between landowners according to their total influence. 

Continent Supply Distribution%SDM amount
Staking2020 000 000 000
Play to Earn3030 000 000 000
Reserve 5050 000 000 000

Influence – the key parameter a LandLord should work on

The influence of land is an indicator of the land strength in the dark country world.

It determines the portion of the global daily SDM reward that land gets. A higher influence level provides a higher daily SDM reward. 

  • Basic influence is 100 and can’t get lower than that.
  • Landowners create activities for players that increase influence upon their completion.
  • Lands have different influence calculation multipliers depending on land rarities.

Depending on the land rarity, a Rarity Multiplier is applied when the landowner is rewarded for the completed activity on his land. 

The higher the land rarity, the higher the influence You get from the same activity. The Rarity Multipliers are still a subject to be calculated and will be announced closer to the Lands Gameplay launch.

Influence deflation

To encourage players to play the game actively, influence points always deflate. The deflation rate is dynamic and increases exponentially when influence rises. See the example below:

Influence levelDeflation/hour24h

Shadow Dimes Staking

The deflation rate can be reduced by staking SDM on the land by landlords and players. Below you can see an example of how it works (please, note that this chart as well as all the others are for illustrative purposes only!)

SDM stackedDeflation reduction, %
10 000 005
20 000 0010
30 000 0015
40 000 0020
50 000 0025
60 000 0030
70 000 0035
80 000 0040
90 000 0045
10 000 00050

Land Activities

Main goal of Landowners is to make their lands attractive to players by hosting activities on their lands.


Passive PvE activities that are available through Dark Country lands. Players build decks around their heroes and send them on short quests and get rewarded with game resources and Shadow dimes. Upon completion, part of the resources will go to the owner of the current land.  The number of available quests depends on the level of the tavern building and can be boosted by external locations on the world map.


  • Tavern

Quest deck:

  • 1 Dark country hero.
  • 40 dark Country cards.

Quest rewards (illustrative example, numbers are subject to change):

RarityInfluence rewardGame resources (lumber and iron) reward resource/bag slotMinimal SDM rewardChance to get an NFT, %
DC Heroes250300010 00010
  • Heroes can be sent on quests that are similar to their rarity and lower.
  • Reforged heroes can be sent on quests as well.
  • Quests are recurring, they appear again after the previous one was completed.
  • Quest quantity is limited to 5 active quests.

* Later will depend on the tavern level.

  • Land owners set up rewards for quests manually.
  • Rewards are distributed after the quest is over.
  • Quests can’t be cancelled once started.

Quest duration:

  • Default quest length is 24 hours and can be reduced according to the rarity of cards in the quest deck.
  • Quest length can’t be shorter than 4 hours.
Card RarityTime reduction (minutes)
Epic 10

Reforged hero staking

Reforged heroes are Dark Country veterans. Their presence on the lands greatly increases land’s influence.


  • Headquarters


Reforged heroes prefer long time contracts over short daily quests. Players create offers for landlords where they specify:

  • Hero rarity;
  • Hero level;
  • Duration;
  • SDM reward.

Landlords pick from the list of offers and start a contract.

  • Minimum contract duration is two weeks, maximum – 3 months;
  • Contracts can’t be cancelled;
  • SDM reward is paid out once the contract is accepted;
  • Influence is added daily.

Custom tournaments

Creating custom tournaments for players is a powerful way to increase the influence of their land. 

  • Land owners are  limited to one tournament per day. 
  • Land owners set up SDM rewards for tournaments manually. 
    • Max reward is unlimited
    • Minimal reward will be determined be Dark Country team and can be changed
  • Land owners get rewarded with Influence according to the number of players who attended the tournament.
  • Players get rewarded with SDM
    • 1st place – 50%
    • 2nd place – 30%
    • 3d place – 20%

Land wars

Landlords can fight with each other by placing attack orders on other lands. Successful attacks grant Influence for the winning side and reduce influence for the one who lost.

  • Players in the matchmaking are matched against each other to fight on the lands.
  • SDM reward for land fights is set by the Dark Country team. 
  • Land owners can choose ranks of players that they want to hire for attacks. Higher ranks are rewarded with more SDM.  
  • Players are rewarded with SDM for their victories.

And that’s not even all we have to offer, but not everything and not at one time, folks;)

More details to come, more adjustments to be made.

And please, keep in mind that all the numbers and mechanics are subject to change as we’ll develop the concept and production!


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Thank you for checking out what we’ve been working on, we look forward to seeing you battling out in the Dark Country soon!

Dark Country Team