Dark Country Lands Staking for Nova Rally BOOST launched!

Gooood news, @everyone!

Today we’re happy to announce the next step of our collaboration with the project created by SammySnake – the Nova Rally racing simulation game. 

Starting from today you can stake your Dark Country lands in the NovaRally project to receive the BOOST token. You can use BOOST to create NFTs that will give your car and drivers some advantage to help you win the next race and get more prize resources.

The DC Lands staking starts over today and will bring land plot owners tokens from a total pool of 240,000,000 BOOST Tokens per day for Dark Country. Sounds good, right?

How does NovaRally staking work?

Video Tutorial:

To stake your Land plots for BOOST tokens you only need to have them in your wallet. That’s it. No need to make any registrations or transfers.

We will track LandLords automatically, you’ll only need to make a Claim operation on wax.blocks.io to get your tokens – that’s it.

Follow this link, log in with your wallet, type in your wallet address and press Submit Transaction

You can claim your tokens each hour or whenever you want to. 

In case you sell or transfer your land plot to another account or buy/receive one – we’ll get a notification and update your account’s mining rate.

How much will I get?

There is a total pool of 240 000 000 BOOSTs/day.

Just type in your wallet address – and that’s it!

The overall split of tokens by lands rarities looks like this:

Land RarityNFTs minted% of daily poolBOOST per NFT / dayBOOST per NFT / hour

ATTN! At the present moment, there is a test period for staking, so you will receive 10% of the original number until the full release of Nova Rally Staking.

What’s next?

This is just the part of our cooperation with NovaRally. See the details here:

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