Stake Dark Country WAX Lands for NovaRally BOOST tokens, join raffles, play tournaments for cool prizes and more in the next several weeks!

Gooood news, everyone!

Today we’re happy to announce our new big cross-game collaboration with another promising and fast-growing project created by SammySnake – the Nova Rally racing simulation game. 

So, what’s on the list, then? A lot!

BIG Raffle – launch in a couple of days!

A big promo raffle! Don’t hesitate to get your piece of a prize pool-cake from Dark Country & Nova Rally by completing simple actions on

WAX Lands Staking for BOOST – within a week.

Dark Country Lands Staking for the BOOST token. Just keep lands in your wallet and claim your tokens when you want. Then use the BOOST token to advance your car before a race and get more chances to win the races.

TOURNAMENT coming soon!

Ever dreamt of being a Landlord in Dark Country or getting a Big Nova Rally pack? Now you have the chance! For about 2-3 weeks we’ll handle a 3-stage tournament with Common Land plot, Nova Rally packs and Standard Card packs as prizes.

What’s next?

This is just the beginning of our cooperation with Nova Rally, and we plan a lot more fun stuff ahead: AMA, streams and more!

Stay tuned to the Dark Country and Nova Rally chats not to miss the launches of activities.

If just by accident you have no idea what is Dark Country or Nova Rally – then read on;)

What is Nova Rally?

Nova Rally is an exciting new racing simulation game on the WAX Blockchain, coming soon!

The premise is simple, pick a car and two rally drivers and enter them into a race. 

There is a game engine called NOVA TALLY that is a set of rules that calculate who the winner of the race is. 

The type of the vehicle and the hidden perks of the character impact the result of the race. 

The game is split into different seasons. Each season has a different hidden system that calculates what happens in the race. 

Once a new season begins, the previous system’s rules are revealed, in the meantime it’s the competition to advance your favourite cars and drivers through the leagues to win better prizes!

Each Season ends with 4 Massive Races, the Nova Rally Championship. One for each league. The best of the best from each division compete for the ultimate prize.

What is the Dark Country?

Dark Country is one of the TOP projects in WAX blockchain gaming – an American Trading Card Game inspired by titans like Magic: The Gathering with a somber western art setting. Dark Country is the next Hearthstone of a blockchain game world! 

Dark Country game has a unique 2-layer gameplay: a collectible card game and land-based gameplay, connected together via economy built around Shadow Dime token.

You can try the card game today for FREE and join tournaments and other community activities, as well as stay updated with Country Chronicles:

Thanks for being with us!

Stay tuned and follow the announcements!