Welcome to Dark Country! We are excited to address several topics raised by our community before. Thus, we’re committed to keeping our gamers informed about important details. So please check out our Gitbook for the latest tokenomics version here.

Now let’s journey into the updates together!

We have several suggestions to change the current token system of Dark Country:

  1. Make the token unified, with a maximum supply equal to 180 BN.
  2. Make the token transferable across blockchains.
    Right now we support FLOW and WAX, but soon we will allow users to transfer a token into the game and then withdraw whenever a blockchain token is deployed. Previously, the token belonged to one specific blockchain, now we’re expanding the options for players. In practice, that means that an option to deposit a token from one chain into the game and withdraw to another will take 3 days due to our withdrawal window. 
  3. Change token structure: 
    • Instead of having 100 BN per blockchain, we will have the revised system.
    • PVP and Staking Pools will remain the same.
    • The Lands’ pool remains the same at 30BN, but we have to put more into a reserve, as Dark Country is launching on more blockchains. Some of them are just card game expansions and some might go full lands gameplay.
      Note that despite our expansion to multiple blockchains, the current land configuration will only operate within a limited scope of 5 blockchains.
    • Finally, the reserve of the 50BN pool is going to be removed. 

To summarize, the token structure will look following:

  • The Staking pool will have 20 BN of SDM,
  • The Lands’ pool will have 150 BN with 60 BN currently allocated at Flow and WAX,
  • The PvP pool will have 20 BN of SDM.

These changes will make the Dark Country system more efficient, convenient, and accessible for our users.

Bonus Content 🎁

Bonus! SDM token holders will be eligible to use the token to buy 10% of the next drops done by Dark Country unless there are some limitations by the platform we are releasing. Those drops normally will happen only when that 10% are left, so after any other drops are done in that blockchain platform.

Closing Thoughts

We hope the proposed changes will be warmly welcome by our community. We are grateful for the support and thrilled to bring this experience to life expanding the game to new blockchains and platforms.

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Download the game and Play!

Thank you for checking out what we’ve been working on, we look forward to seeing you battling out in the Dark Country soon! We hope you are enjoying the game.

Dark Country Team 🧛‍♂️