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Lately, we have been receiving a lot of questions from you about Dark Country`s future. That is why we decided to start collecting them & ask our Game Creator Danny Gothic to answer the questions. He chooses the best ones from you and gives replies to them.

See the previous AMA session here.

For the previous two weeks, we have collected more questions. Read the answers here or below:

Q: How much influence do you get per different rarity quests for different land rarities? How many quests can a land have with different levels of Tavern building? Is there a limit on how many heroes a player can send to quests? 

A: This and many more questions are answered in the articles of this category on our website.  Also, there are details in the game itself.

Q: When will full gameplay incorporating land and SDM token farming be available on the FLOW blockchain?  

A: We plan to release it in Q1 2022. Stay tuned in our Discord.  This will be implemented simultaneously – on WAX & Flow.

Q: When is an AI bot going to be implemented to practice whenever someone tries to play? 

A: Right now we are focused on the MMO spectre of the game & Lands gameplay. But this is one of the project`s directions in the future. Read details on the nearest improvements we plan to perform here.

Q: Will we be able to transfer SDM balance from a land to the owner’s balance? 

A: This is already possible on the WAX Lands Testnet. Read details on joining here

Q: Will heroes from WAX be able to quest on lands from FLOW? 

A: Eventually, yes. But first we will do parallel heroes interaction.

Q: Are landowners supposed to be allowed to quest on their own lands? Or is this going to be changed in future to encourage people to send heroes on other people’s lands? 

A: Right now we are considering different options and trying to understand which ones are the most reasonable and worth our attention.

Q: Will there be a burn mechanic for cards in the future?

A: Yes, this is possible. And we are planning to introduce card upgrades later. 

Q: Are there any plans to add a transaction log in future to make it easier to see SDM moving in and out of our wallet or lands?

A: You will be able to do that on any bloks reader – bloks.io for example. 

Q: Could you tell us more about what the attack function will do? 

A: Land owners can unite and create a guild that can hold up to 100 lands. Every land can hire soldiers (card game players) who will fight for them. This way landowners will be able to attack other lands. More details are coming soon, subscribe to our mail-send out on chronicles.darkcountry.io to be the first reader of all the news.

Q: Heroes have health, energy and bagspace. Could you tell us more about what each of these do?

A: The land activities will not be free energy-wise. You will need hit points (health & energy) to perform actions. And you will need bagspace to store items. More details are coming soon!

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