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Now a bit more details about Land Plots:

Land Activities

Main goal of Landowners is to make their lands attractive to players by hosting activities on their lands.


Passive PvE activities that are available through Dark Country lands. Players build decks around their heroes and send them on short quests and get rewarded with game resources and Shadow dimes. Upon completion, part of the resources will go to the owner of the current land.  The number of available quests depends on the level of the tavern building and can be boosted by external locations on the world map.


  • Tavern

Quest deck:

  • 1 Dark country hero.
  • 40 dark Country cards.

Quest rewards (illustrative example, numbers are subject to change):

RarityInfluence rewardGame resources (lumber and iron) reward resource/bag slotMinimal SDM rewardChance to get an NFT, %
DC Heroes250300010 00010
  • Heroes can be sent on quests that are similar to their rarity and lower.
  • Reforged heroes can be sent on quests as well.
  • Quests are recurring, they appear again after the previous one was completed.
  • Quest quantity is limited to 5 active quests.

* Later will depend on the tavern level.

  • Land owners set up rewards for quests manually.
  • Rewards are distributed after the quest is over.
  • Quests can’t be cancelled once started.

Quest duration:

  • Default quest length is 24 hours and can be reduced according to the rarity of cards in the quest deck.
  • Quest length can’t be shorter than 4 hours.
Card RarityTime reduction (minutes)
Epic 10

And that’s not even all we have to offer, but not everything and not at one time, folks;)

More details to come, more adjustments to be made.

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And please, keep in mind that all the numbers and mechanics are subject to change as we’ll develop the concept and production!

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