Hey, Dark Country fans and Landlords!
Today we celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Dark Country’s existence. Let’s look back in more detail at the outline of the previous year of our work – our achievements and challenges and main updates.

  • Mainnet landsplay on WAX and Flow.
    Mainnet was a crucial pilot phase of the Dark Country Lands layer launch as we examined and evaluated feature performance by virtue of the test TDM token.
  • Lands playtest on WAX and Flow.
    In our new year of the project, we started with the launch of an open playtest for the strategic DC game layer – Dark Country Lands. Together with our community, we analyzed Lands’ overall usability experience.
  • 3D game interface launch.
    The long-awaited arrival of the new gameplay appearance superseded 2D mode.
  • City builder upgrades.
    This year we released full city builder on the game client.
  • More than 300 in-game cards were created.
    During 2021-2022, we have significantly expanded our collection of NFT assets – cards and heroes altogether. As a result, the collection currently includes more than 300 unique and complex NFTs created in a traditional gothic setting.
  • SDM token launch on WAX and Flow mainnets.
    This summer we launched the long-awaited Lands and Card game for SDM tokens (Shadow Dime). From that moment, users have an opportunity to earn SDM by playing our game. 
  • SDM token launch on mainnet for the Land layer and the game client.
    SDM was set in the game to upgrade buildings, earn resources faster, play PvP matches with random people throughout the world, as well as to buy and sell it on decentralized exchanges.
  • Bunch of architecture updates on both layers, including UI/UX improvements and additions, new feature releases, and constant bug fixes.
  • Collaborations with Nova Rally, Collect.Social, Exit Limbo, GameFi, R-Planet, NFTHive.
    This year was full of collaborations and exciting partnerships. More ahead!
  • SDM farming on WAX and Flow.
    This November our team launched the SDM farming pool within Increment Finance on Flow. Also, we released the farming pools on the WAX blockchain through DIYFarm.
  • SDM packs market.
    SDM Market for Packs with Standard Cards inside and unpacking features has also been live! From that time, the price per pack has been 20 000 SDM. That’s why we have unified SDM at some level now.
    Furthermore, it is possible to stake SDM as virtual cards. Exporting cards into the WAX blockchain is possible, the same as you could with standard cards you got a while ago.
  • Bunch of community events – NFT and token raffles, art contests, and tournaments.
  • Finally, marketplace expansion – BloctoBay.

Over and above that, we are frankly thrilled to mark our community growth has increased by 10 000 people total! It is a remarkable result for us that would not be possible without our fantastic audience.

Thank you for staying engaged, exploring the gaming world with us, and transforming it better. We are working to emerge new releases soon – stand by for more & play with joy!

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Download the game and Play!

Thank you for checking out what we’ve been working on, we look forward to seeing you battling out in the Dark Country soon! We hope you are enjoying the game.

Dark Country Team 🧛‍♂️