Hello to all Dark Country landowners!

Yesterday we’ve put lands on maintenance, and now we are ready to launch the new version of the gameplay. Read further to see what’s been changed and updated…



Fixed UI on the Bank screen

  • Switcher on UI WAX land and Flow land is here. Also, possible to auto-select if you have Flow land only, turn on the Flow tab.
  • Transfer to owner added.
  • Total balance added.

Added auto-repeat Quests

If you have no paid subscription, it is not possible. You will see a popup that leads to the profile page & subscriptions tab. Here: https://landtest.darkcountry.io/profile, in your profile please add the billing tab.

You can pay for 1/3/12 months of subscription:

  • 1 month = 2000 SDM;
  • 3 months = 5000 SDM;
  • 12 months = 18 000 SDM.

Removed the feature of creating Guilds

Instead, you can grow the number of soldiers there only by adding levels. Another building for guilds is coming soon. Renamed current Guilds House to Barracks.

Changes in calculations of SDM

  • You have to choose a faction that you will play, so making it at the start is needed to choose;
  • You can stake at any of the factions regardless of where you chose to be:
  • The following formulas are used for payouts:

pool = reminder of original PlayAndEarn pool, initially 30BN of SDM.

Total daily payout= 0.3 *pool*0.0001*(stakedlands/alllands).

Total daily payout Factions = 0.7 *pool*0.0001*(stakedlands/alllands).

Payouts will be done in percentage that was staked to factions.

For example, total stake tokens are 30 000 000 for all factions. One faction has 3 000 000 tokens at stake, so this means 10% of TotaldailypayoutFactions will go to those who chose that faction.

Max. Limit per day per faction will be 750 000 SDM to pay. Min. Limit per day per faction will be 1% of Total daily payout Factions. Unstake from Fraction will take 15 days.

We will come up with SDM token structure changes soon as well.

Upgrades for buildings 

Now getting multiplied by the land influencer multiplier:

  • Common land = remains the same;
  • Rare = 1.5x price increase;
  • Epic = 3x price increase;
  • Legendary = 5x price increase;
  • Mythic = 10x price increase.

Follow us for more updates on lands. The tutorial for the gameplay is coming tomorrow. 

Arena Screen

PvP game on arena screen will give 100 SDM per round won: 50 in WAX SDM and 50 in FLOW SDM.

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Download the game and Play!

Thank you for checking out what we’ve been working on, we look forward to seeing you battling out in the Dark Country soon! We hope you are enjoying the game.

Dark Country Team 🧛‍♂️