Hello, dear Dark Country fans and Landlords!

Today we are proud to release the new version of our Land & Card gameplay — the final stage of testing before we go live with our SDM token.

What changed and improved?

Dark Country Card Game:

  • P2E activities added. Spend Meat to earn TDM.
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  • VKontakte
  • City builder redone. Saloon renovation.
  • Twitter
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  • VKontakte
  • Land Tournaments TDM rewards.
  • Weekly Tournaments points system redone.
  • Tutorial for new users added. Learn the basics of city management and card dueling upon your first entry into the game.
  • AI opponent added. Complete quests (planned feature) to get rewards.
  • Twitter
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  • VKontakte
  • Lots of bug fixes and tweaks to improve game stability and player experience.

Download the new version & play here:


Dark Country Land Game:

  • Faction Importance. Make sure to select a faction for every land!
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  • Lands and pricing. See new chart:

Price for upgrades make 20% less than current.

Price for updgrades rare land 1.4x

Price for epic land 2.8x

Price for legendary land 4.5x

Price for mythic land 9x

  • Fixed faction staking. Сhoose one blockchain to stake (per user, not per land)
  • Limit buildings to Level 3.
  • Land leasing.
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Register/login & play the new version of the game here:


How to play?

Right now you can find all details and tutorials in our Whitepaper here:


What next?

Next, we are going to test the land & card gameplay for a few more days. We want all the test token transactions to run smoothly, tokenomics and mechanics of the game need to be polished before the official release. Stay tuned in our chats and social media to be aware of the launch of the SDM token and all features of the expected landsplay & card game!

Stay tuned in our chats, turn on the notifications for the announcements channels and don’t miss our big upcoming update, which will allow you to play Dark Country and earn!

Follow us on Twitter to keep up with all news!


Download the game and Play!

Thank you for checking out what we’ve been working on, we look forward to seeing you battling out in the Dark Country soon! We hope you are enjoying the game.

Dark Country Team 🧛‍♂️

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