Amazing news, Dark Country Community!

Today, Jul 07 at 15 UTC we are launching the long-awaited lands and card game for SDM token (Shadow Dime). Read the article to know the token earning, usage, and trading details!

How to Earn SDM?

To earn SDM, play our game! Dark Country has two layers: both Card & Land games are connected to a united user base, so make sure you use one email address for them.

  1. Card Game on
    It’s an exciting card game where you get to use your own NFT cards, compile a deck of them in the game, and play with other users – your friends, random people, or AI that will help you test your skills in the game. After each Player-Vs-Player match, you’ll earn SDM. Each match will cost you in-game resources, such as meat, so you can wait while you produce it or you can buy for SDM. 
  2. Land Game in browser.
    Here you can perform various activities in order to earn, all of them are described in our Wiki.
    Starting from Jul 08 SDM will be accruing to Land Owners every day at 10.15 UTC.

How to start playing Dark Country?

Now let’s segue into another portion of the explanation.

The first game experience depends on what assets you own:

  • If you have neither lands nor an NFT card deck, download Dark Country and choose PvP mode to earn SDM. SDM received from PvP will be soon appropriate for buying new NFT cards to build a customized deck.
  • If you own land, stake it in the game to gross SDM every 24 hours. Hence holding a land grants a user participation in quests, tournaments, and reforge hero staking to earn SDM.
  • If you keep both Dark Country Hero and a card deck, you are eligible to join quests. Users can also use the applied card deck for further gameplay. The landowner will pay some SDM to have users complete quests on their lands so that how the influence of land will grow and land owners can earn more SDM then. 

Where to use SDM?

  1. In the game!
    To fully play, you can use SDM – to upgrade your buildings, earn resources faster, and play PvP matches with random people throughout the world. 
  2. On the market: 
  • SDM on WAX can be bought & sold on Alcor DEX.
  • FLOW SDM can be redeemed at IncrementFi.
    Sometimes to see the token you need to enter the smart contract address: 0xc8c340cebd11f690.
    You will see the SDM token loaded into a list. Once you load SDM, choose the second currency which we added, and it’s USDC.

In addition, all info on recent updates of the game layers and tutorials you can find in our blogs on Medium.

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Download the game and Play!

Thank you for checking out what we’ve been working on, we look forward to seeing you battling out in the Dark Country soon! We hope you are enjoying the game.

Dark Country Team 🧛‍♂️