Hello all mighty warriors!

Today we want to introduce you to the new Dark Country Game update – Alpha version 0.1.25.

See all the new features in the video demonstration below:

Read the article below to know what was added & improved this time in details!

Reconnect Feature

Now the game will reconnect easily in case you or your opponent encountered an Internet connection or other technical issues. Your opponent will continue playing for 2 minutes until you stabilize your connection or fix whatever`s wrong. You can just close the game and when you open it again, the match will still be there (for 2 mins maximum).

Mana Spirit Card

For the balance of the game, we added a new card – Mana Spirit. It is given at the beginning of the match to the player, who has a second move. This is done to make the mana amount equal for the players and thus, so are the chances of winning the game.

Now the player with the first move has 4 cards at the start, and the player with the second move has 3 cards and a Mana Spirit card.


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Download the game and Play!

Thank you for checking out what we’ve been working on, we look forward to seeing you battling out in the Dark Country soon! We hope you are enjoying the game.

Dark Country Team 🧛‍♂️