Hello, dear Community! Our week starts with game improvements, fixes, and updates.

Card gameplay:

  • UI improvements;
  • Added building tooltips (buildings UI question mark icon);
  • New refresh button in the Barracks;
  • Deckbuilder fixes;
  • Land Tournament fixes;
  • Card gameplay fixes;
  • Card leasing fixes;
  • Card mechanics and description fixes.

Web gameplay:

  • Card leasing option;
  • Leased cards can be used in quest parties;
  • Updated visuals;
  • Added Tokenomics page;
  • Fixed page crashing;
  • Two-factor authorization.

Download the version directly by clicking here.

UPD: hot fix following yesterday’s update – Cards Leasing (client-side). The game client was displaying the wrong cards — now set right. New version here.

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Download the game and Play!

Thank you for checking out what we’ve been working on, we look forward to seeing you battling out in the Dark Country soon! We hope you are enjoying the game.

Dark Country Team 🧛‍♂️