Hello, Dark Country players & fans!

Today we would like to announce the new Dark Country game update – Alpha Version .22!

Read the list of updated and new features below:

  1. Ratings Functionality updated.
  2. Search within Deck Builder is updated: now the search field will work also for the card type too, like “Beast” or “Native”.
  3. Rusty Gun card fixed: now it doesn’t destroy the creature, only the item will be destroyed.
  4. A big mana cost update for cards! We’ve adjusted the mana cost for a number of most useful cards to bring back all the races to life and deal with the domination of Ancestral Guard race. See all changes in this table.

Ratings Updates (Extended):

  1. We’ve added 2 new pages:
  • Last Week Rating – so that now you can see the leaderboard of the previous week,
  • Last Month Rating – to make visible last month players leaderboard.

2. Lower loss of points when you lose a game. Now you’ll get -5 to -10 points deducted, not -10 to -12. We believe this will provide a better game experience for the new players.


Next Monday, November 15th, we’ll clear all the Rating results right after we announce the Rating winners. We need to do this because of problems with Rating renewal in the previous game update version.

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Download the game and Play!

Thank you for checking out what we’ve been working on, we look forward to seeing you battling out in the Dark Country soon! We hope you are enjoying the game.

Dark Country Team 🧛‍♂️