Dear Dark Country and Nova Rally fans! Today we make the next big step in our collaboration, announcing the BIG TOURNAMENT with a huge NFT Prize Pool worth $2700+!

The BIG Tournament will last for about 4 weeks and will be split into 3 stages: Qualifiers, Pre-Finals and Finals.

All you need to participate – is to install the free-2-play PC/Mac version of Dark Country Trading Card Game and follow the instructions below.

The tournament will start within a couple of days! Stay tuned, prepare for the game and read the rules below carefully.


Finals (3rd Stage) – Prizepool worth $1500

1st place: 1 Common DC Land (worth $260) + 1 Rare Car ($160) 

2nd place: Rare Nova Rally pack ($350)

3rd place: 40 Standard DC packs ($200)

4th place: Standard Nova Rally pack ($130)

5th-8th place: 20 Standard DC packs ($100)

Pre-Finals (2nd Stage) Prizepool worth $700

140 Standard Packs will be raffled among ALL Stage 2 participants. 5 packs for each raffle winner – a total of 28 winners will be chosen.

Qualifiers (1st Stage) Prizepool worth $500

100 packs will be raffled among ALL participants. 1 pack per person. A total of 100 winners here too.


Stage 1. Qualifiers & Applications submission. 

Period: approx 1-2 weeks.

How to join?

To qualify for the 2nd Stage of the Tournament you will need to:

  1. Create a custom game with your Nickname and number of attempts. For example: “JohnnyD#1”.
  2. Find a partner to play on a special Discord “bigtournament” channel in DarkCountry or Nova Rally groups – simply post your custom game name and write “looking for a player”.
  3. Play and WIN. If you lose – you can repeat points #1-3 until you win. It’s OK!
  4. Fill in the Tournament Application Google Form we will publish later.

A couple of days left to start, so prepare yourself: download and master the game!

Stage 2. Pre – finals stage. Best of 3. 

Period: approx 10 days.

The pre-finals will work this way: 

  • from all the list of the applicants we’ll make pairs of players;
  • each player will receive an email/message with his opponents Nickname, time slots and the Custom game room name which will consist of two players nicknames and number of the game and will look this way : “Nick1&Nick2#Game”. For example: “JohnnyD&MrTwister#1”.
  • Players have to play 3 games and the winner with a score of 2:0 or 2:1 wins this stage.

What to do if you can’t find your opponent? Contact us and we’ll do our best to match you with another suitable player.

On this stage we’ll iterate games until there are 8 players left.

Stage 3. Finals. Best of 3.

Period: 1-2 days.

For the finals we’ll make a Finals bracket for the TOP8 players.

Again, all the players will be notified with info of their opponents and time slots available.


So, it’s time to prepare for the tournament!

If you’re still unfamiliar with the Dark Country card game, how to install, login, make a deck etc., please, follow this instruction:

We will soon announce the Tournament’s first stage!

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