Hello, Dark Country fans and Happy New Year!

To celebrate the festive season together, we have decided to throw a Twitter giveaway for you. See the raffle below:

The deadline is due today and we are ready to announce the winners! See this video of us picking the winners below:

Winners were picked with the help of AppSorteos service.

See the full list of the winners (in twitter nicknames):

  1. pepelol59335702
  1. MoniTop_
  2. Hemant94979409
  3. 4ONXopr6LQ0xLe2
  4. Victori25046444
  5. VladikPatap
  6. KryptoKman
  7. parvanepp
  8. ruhiyihkh
  9. LevTupo
  10. Knopi17
  11. OZCBQdotWAM
  12. Clebby11
  13. Syedzai39667463
  14. SharifianAttar
  15. trixconz
  16. Jangandikerasi
  17. Zx19Samuel
  18. falls_nine
  19. tradergss
  20. PouyaSekhavat
  21. wolverine0033
  22. fael_x
  23. Esen5673
  24. IntellectualUg
  25. UraLagoda
  26. wikhandbanan
  27. wax_NFT1
  28. Singtoooooo
  29. 4B3ECOTM9OokGGU
  30. HodlPamela
  31. DimaIakovlev6
  32. FreeDropWaxW
  33. ahad_shahroodi
  34. pintutayer
  35. Vinnichanin
  36. Cryptida13
  37. pishbul
  38. Eli73532012
  39. Artemisa987
  40. klaththak
  41. Chelban5
  42. mrac34
  43. Tincho3073
  44. HiDee02
  45. jandyn
  46. admi0011
  47. goga100400
  48. ThiagoXVIII
  49. DmitriyDyachk17

Congrats to all winners & thanks to everyone who participated!

The prizes will be sent within a week.

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Download the game and Play!

Thank you for checking out what we’ve been working on, we look forward to seeing you battling out in the Dark Country soon!

Dark Country Team πŸ§›β€β™‚️

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