Holla, Dark Country fans!👋

Weekends are over. After having some rest, we are ready to continue working, playing and winning!
And a perfect way to do it is the Mythics Guild Tournament TODAY!
Beat the pros and win Rare cards🔥

Rules & Details⚔️:
💀 Download Dark Country game through itch.io app (or update your client);
💀 Launch the game between 5pm and 6pm UTC;
💀 Press play and start your match!
💀 Beat 1 Mythic Guild`s member: Princessspacekitten, Phoenix, Secret, Fifthace, Kharconda;
💀To find the results and claim your prizes, apply to Guild here: https://discord.gg/Baxx6Uuh4a ;
💀 Games are recorded and may be displayed on Youtube☠️

DISCLAIMER: The game is still in the development stage, so the matchmaking may freeze. If you find yourself waiting for an opponent for more than a few minutes, cancel it and start over.