Welcome to the Dark Country Chronicles!

Chronicles is our freshly-launched info-portal about the Dark Country game – an all-in-one place with everything you want to know!

Here you can find:

  • Latest news and articles
  • Full Game Guide
  • Dark Country Lands information
  • Events (Tournaments, Contests & Staking)
  • Game Wiki (About & Lore, Cards Info & Anatomy, Glossary, Races & Spirits)
  • Game Tutorials
  • Project Roadmap
  • Guilds Activity
  • Marketplaces to trade your game NFTs
  • and a lot more!

We’ve created this info-site for your convenience – now you can access all information in one place (even use the Search line for extra-speed) and find the material you are looking for!

This is the first version of Chronicles – we did our best to gather all the up-to-date available infos and will step-by-step develop the website with new sections, activities and authors.

If you have any suggestions, ideas, comments or just discover some bugs – feel free to submit them via contact form in Contact Us section!

Enjoy your reading!

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