My name is the Treasurer and I am the ruler of Dark Country`s NFTs. Let me show you what we have for you and what you can do with it.First of all, we have plenty of digital assets on Atomichub – cards, lands and heroes.

Read details about each:Cards – you can buy whatever card/pack of cards you like, but can not yet use on the battlefield (in the game). The game supplies you with all cards available for free, while it is in the Alpha version. Later, you will be able to use your cards on the battlefield.

Right now you can buy, trade; stake your cards on and collect them on – they will later be implemented into the game, with the introduction of other game modes (lands, exploring, etc.). At the moment, you can buy a hero, reforge it and stake it on our website.

The staking starts every week on Monday and has a variable staking prize pool (from 1-100K WAX). Yet, staking mode is due to change soon, so you better do it quickly! Details here.

Lands – recently we have had two massive Land sales. Details about Lands read here. 

Follow us in the social medias and stay tuned in the chats for more sales!So far this is a quick description of Dark Country riches.