This tutorial is the basic information designed to introduce players to Dark Country Game

What is Dark Country?

Dark Country is a free-to-play NFT TCG in the American gothic setting. The Alpha version of the game is available for PC and it is planned to launch a mobile version as well.

In the game you:

📍 pick one of four races

📍 build your deck of cards with creatures, spells, and items and are pitted against another player online to defeat

📍 you win when you reduce your opponent’s health to zero!

“How do I start?”

  1. Register on Dark Country via Email;
  2.  Go to your Profile and Create a Username;
  3. Download the game at;
  4. Log in with your Username (not email!!!) and Password (the same as for the website);
  5. Build or choose your Card-Deck;
  6. Play!

First steps in the game🎮

Once you are in, the first thing you need to do is choose your race and build your deck.

  1. Go to “My cards”;
  2. Press “New Deck”;
  3. Choose your race;
  4. Choose cards you want to have in your deck (TUTORIAL on building a decent deck).
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The deck capacity is limited to 40 cards

When your deck is completed — press DONE and go to the Main Menu. You are ready to play your first round!

Cards description🃏

Each Dark Country card has its own stats, text, and abilities that are shown on it.

In general, Dark Country has 3 types of cards: Creature, Spell, Item

We will consider the card structure using the example of the Creature type since this type is filled with elements. Spell and Item cards are similar in structure, only they lack some elements, such as Attack and Health.

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1. Creature type

This item can only be on the Creature card. A card belonging to one or another type makes it possible to use different game mechanics aimed at a specific type of Creature.

The game has 4 types of Creatures:

  • Beast
  • Ghost
  • Native
  • Undead

2. Individual mark

This mark indicates the restriction on the presence of more than one such card in the deck. Such marks will mainly have Mythical cards.

3. Card name

The name of the card.

4. Mana cost

This field indicates how much mana you need to summon this card.

5. Race

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This indicates whether the card belongs to any race. The game has 5 races:

  • Ancestral Guard
  • Resolute Rangers
  • Cunning Crusaders
  • Destructive Horde
  • Neutral

6. Text box

For Spell, this indicates the effects that will happen when the card is played. For Creatures and Items, it also tells you about any ongoing abilities the card has.

7. Attack

Creatures have Attack. This number indicates the amount of damage this creature will deal in combat.

8. Health

Creatures have health. This number indicates the amount of damage this creature can take before it is destroyed.

9. Card Rarity

This symbol tells you the rarity of the card. Dark Country cards can be one of the five rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythical.

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Cards abilities

Also, the majority of cards have some additional abilities (Keywords) described in the card text box.

The keyword is a game mechanic in Dark Country. Any keyword gives different status effects to cards. Keywords can be changed, added, or removed with various cards.


Enemies must attack and destroy creatures with Fortify before creatures without it.


Any creature damaged by Oneshot is destroyed.


Other creatures or target spells can’t target creatures with Stealth.


Rooted creatures skip their next attack


After the creature is attacked and killed, all extra damage dealt is inflicted on the enemy hero.

Spell immunity

A creature with spell immunity can’t be targeted by spells. Can still be damaged by AOE spells.


Guardian absorbs the first attack on the creature, and after that, it is destroyed.


Muting a creature destroys its items, stat modifiers, and keywords.


When cards with deploy are played bonus effect is triggered.

Last Word

When creatures with Last Word die, a bonus effect is triggered.


Creatures with Frenzy can attack right after they are played. When a card with Inspire is played, the totem is created on the table. If the totem is already in play it upgrades by one level.


Summons a creature.

Search your opponent and play!

When you are ready to play — press “PLAY”. The game will start to search for an opponent for you.

Since the game is still at an early stage of development sometimes it might be no matchmaking for some time. To make it faster you can ping someone from our communities:

Telegram —

Discord —

Game process

Once the opponent is found you will appear on the game field. Before the round will start you will see your first 3 cards and will be able to change them if you want.

If your turn is second — you will get an additional card.

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Initial cards when the player’s turn is second


Every turn, players draw a card and earn mana. Mana is expended to cast spells or summon creatures or items from a player’s hand; the more powerful the card, the more mana is needed to play the card.

At the start of every turn, 1 mana is added to the maximum mana pool, and mana reserves are replenished to be able to play more cards.

Mana ultimately represents a unit of power you can apply to the board. At the end of your turn, you get nothing for unused mana, so make sure to use as much of it as possible every turn. For example, if you have six mana to play with, you’re likely better off playing two three-cost cards rather than a single five-cost card and leaving a one-mana crystal unspent.

Game round turns

Players act alternately. Each turn player can use cards from hand to place them on the board, cast spells, and deal damage to the opponent’s hero or creatures. The game round ends once one of the heroes runs out of health points.

Enjoy the Dark Country game!

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